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Andre Lacoure - Timeless
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Andre Lacoure - Timeless


It's time for "Andre Lacoure" new release, after the success
release Mad & Bad, he is back with a fantastic follow-up.
Great chart placement after the first release, we look forward to his new track "timeless".
Are you ready to jump again?



releases 2012

CLASSI - Taste It
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Classi - Taste It

He is a 17 year old producer fron denmark. He produce all the electronic genres, and have earlier been associated with universal Music.
Now on Seven Bridge Records he release his new fantastic dubstep song "Taste It", we looking forward to this track.


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Mr. FU f. Kevin Kelly - Your Diary


Monoloop Remix
Classi Remix
André Lacoure Remix
Laanga Remix


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Mr. Fu feat. Kevin Kelly (Radio Edit)

After his first release "Fu´s World" on Seven Bridge Records, Mr. FU produced his 
new Dubstep HIT "You Diary" with the Swedish house singer "Kevin Kelly". 

The impressive remix pack includes many electronic music styles.
The big artist "Monoloop" present a wonderful electro/house remix, the Swedish 
Dubstep/house artist "Classi" shows "Your Diary" in an amazing Dubstep remix. 
In addition you will find a commercial house remix by Andre Lacoure and an 
booming progressive electro remix by Laanga.

Don´t miss this tune!






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Red Flood - Love
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Seven Bridge Records presents a new Dubstep Artist calls Red Flood.
This outstanding hot summer tune by red flood was created in the parasphere studio.
It takes the feelings of summer emotions high, with a huge atmosphere/melody and thoughtful arrangement.
Feel the new house and dubstep sounds in one big track, this is "love".










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